Friday, 2 March 2012

Novak Djokovic - No Title Defence in Dubai

Ok, what happened?

I completely missed the match and from what I can tell from bits of conversation with my friends and the odd glimpse at the scoreboard Novak was otherwise occupied today.  So no 4 in-a-row, no bettering last years unbeaten start.  But is this a call for concern?

Novak will head straight to Indian Wells now to play both Singles & Doubles.  Maybe if there is a particular problem he can sort that out during a Doubles match, maybe try a new tactic etc. 

Hopefully today was a one-off and maybe a blessing in disguise.  No pressure to try and match 2011 etc.

See you all in Indian Wells.


  1. I don't think there's cause for concern. Novak traveled to Dubai without his usual team (Vajda and Dusan),they stayed at home taking a break before Indian Wells and Miami. That alone says that Novak is really focusing on the big events this year. He didn't slide at all, as he usually does, probably to avoid injury.
    I think this loss is a blessing in disguise. He won't have a streak to defend come Roland Garros.
    He looks well and refreshed. I think hes really trying to avoid last years burn-out.
    He'll go to the smaller events and play professionally, but he won't kill himself trying to win them.
    His mind is on Roland Garros and the Olympics.
    Let's wait and see how he performs in Indian Wells and Miami. I'm optimistic.

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