Friday, 11 November 2011

Novak djokovic - Out Of Paris Masters

Hardly a great surprise when I received the email this morning informing me that Novak had withdrawn from his Semi Final against Tsonga.

Dear fans and friends, sadly i have to inform you that i have withdrawn from the further tournament. I have pushed myself to the limit by playing, and after the match yesterday my shoulder got worse. For this reason, i have to put my health first and withdraw even though my urges as a professional player are making me want to play until the last drop of energy. I am very sorry for all of you who bought tickets and wanted to come to watch me play. My season has been long and tiring, i played all of my matches at my highest level, and now my body is aching for recovery. Hoping for your understanding and support,

We still have the World Tour Finals in London so lets hope these extra few days of rest/treatment can help Novak finish this incredible season on a high note.

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