Monday, 15 August 2011

Novak Djokovic - How Will He Keep Up This Pace?

TORONTO -- How long will this go on? Novak Djokovic looked rusty for all of five games as he began his summer hard-court campaign at the Rogers Cup in Montreal. From there, it was one routine two-setter after another -- Nikolay Davydenko, Marin Cilic, Gael Monfils. By the semifinals, they weren't even trying any more. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga quit after going down a set and a break in the semifinals, saying his arm was tired. Tsonga later explained more clearly in French that the injury was a muscle pull that had been bothering him for the past three days, but it was really Djokovic's fine play that made it hardly worth continuing....Full story & video here

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  1. It is all about good timing!
    Even as a hard-core Novak fan, I am also quite stunned by his extraordinary performance this year, and I am trying to find likewise at least one logical explanation (if any) for his remarkable achievements this year. In an effort to set myself as far as possible from the Novak euphoria, the only reasonable explanation for all he has done this year is a good timing. McEnroe was recently commenting on how much a proper timing in approaching the ball is an advantage in Novak’s game. Time was also a key parameter Einstein had to adjoin to space coordinates in order to accomplish one of the largest revolutions in modern physics – Special Theory of Relativity (STR). The role of time for the spatial coordinates in the STR is the very same as the role of good timing for the mental and physical balance in tennis. I can only hypothesize that if Novak won Cincinnati and US Open in succession to his great achievement in Montreal in 2007 that he would not last long as the best tennis player in the World. I would also claim that at that very moment, he was not ready yet. I would further speculate that he would either get burned mentally, as Ana Ivanovic did after her quick soar to World #1 position after Roland Garros 2008, or physically, as happened to Rafa two years ago. While Novak was around for quite few years now, he was only systematically rounding up all the tiles in the big puzzle. It seems now, that the very last missing piece was the Davis Cup final in Belgrade, last year. Final recognition (by Andy Murray, for example) that Serbia has its place in this World through at least tennis players added a last brick to its base. From that moment on, a new clock started ticking in his head, and I really think it was all about good timing. Once upon a time, it was Rolex. But, nowadays, it is Nolex. Welcome to era of Novak Djokovic!