Sunday, 29 January 2012

Novak Djokovic - Retains The Australian Open

Ok, I am not going to lie.  I wanted Rafa to win this match today.  I am a fan of both players but wanted Rafa to try level the playing field a bit.  A believe that having these two great players pushing each others to incredible heights is so wonderful to watch and I want it to continue.

But Novak had other ideas and I can take nothing away from that performace.  He looked literally dead on his feet, he collapsed on the ground during the 5th set and I was not sure if he would be able to gather the energy to get up again.

But he did and reached so deep inside himself I am sure he almost reached Serbia to find the strength to push himself over the finish line for him to be able to collapse again to the court but this time in victory.

I felt so sorry for both the players to have to stand there, then finally sit and wait through all those boring bloody speeches.  Kind words from both players and frankly I am surprised they had the energy to speak.

Now what is next for Novak, how does he top this match?  Can he ever do better than this?  I believe his next tournament is scheduled to be Dubai where he is going for the Quad, 4 in a row.  Will he still play or will he take a very well earned rest to soak up all he has achieved?

I guess we will know in a few days time, when Novak has got his breath back.  Until then, Ajde No1e!

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  1. Federer looses to nadal only due to his single handed backhand.... admit today's Federer can't defeat nadal in clay, grass, hardcourts , not even once... still he can defeat nadal 9 out of 10 times in indoor carpet courts as the top spin's of nadal wont bounce more than his hip height.... Federer has never ever lost to nadal 7 consecutive times....wr as Djko has crushed nadal in clay, grass, hard courts in their last 7 matches... so my point is head-2head record is a baseless thing to judge a player....had it been that case, then Pete Sampras cant be called a gr8 as he has bad record aganst many many players including our own LEander...