Friday, 25 November 2011

Novak Djokovic - Plays The Waiting Game

I was at work this afternoon so missed watching the match.  I did listen on the radio but you never get a balanced view of the match and lots was made of Novak's physical condition and not his tennis.  I know he is knackered and needs a break so i would have liked a little more talk about the play.

So, Janko finally gets his win over Novak so well done to him.  I am sure these last 2 matches have been a great experience for him and a nice boost to take into next season.

Back to Novak, he now plays the waiting game and hope that Ferrer can do him a favour.  To be totally honest if he does not make the Semi Final then so be it.  Iike i said, he needs a break and I don't think another defeat will do him any good at all, especially as the SF would be against Roger who is in great form.  Best for him to finish now and get himself off to a beach somewhere and relax.

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