Monday, 3 October 2011

Novak Djokovic - Needs To Be More Humble - Emerson

novak djokovic
Djokovic added the 2011 US Open title to his collection in AugustPA Photos

Tennis legend Roy Emerson has called on world No1 Novak Djokovic to show more "humility" on court, urging the Serb to behave more like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

The 74-year-old, a 12-time Major winner, believes Djokovic's demeanour during matches threatens to undermine his success and has told him to challenge his rivals in terms of modesty – and not just titles.

"I would like to see him show a bit more humility like Nadal and Federer," Emerson said. "There is too much of this chest thumping and roaring when he wins.

"I would like to see him emulate the pair when it comes to humility as well as Grand Slam wins."

Djokovic now holds the Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open titles after enjoying a stunning run of form in 2011 – and Emerson paid tribute to the 24-year-old's achievements during a season in which he has only lost two matches.

"Novak has really got his game together this year," continued Emerson, who won the Australian Open singles title six times during an illustrious career. "He is playing at a very high standard and his game shapes up well to Nadal.

"He doesn't have the same difficulty as Federer has with Nadal's forehand as he is well able to take a high backhand with his strong double-handed shots.

"Every time he is tested this year he seems well up to the task and he obviously got a tremendous boost from winning the Davis Cup last year."

Emerson was the fourth player to complete a 'career slam' and he has tipped Djokovic to soon join the illustrious list, with Roland Garros the only title the Serb now needs to complete his set.

"Because he is young and has been so consistent this year Djokovic will always be a possible Grand Slam winner as he can play well on all surfaces," he added. 

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  1. Emulate Roger and Rafa in their hymility?
    I wonder what he means, wagging his finger when he wins or doing Rafa's celebrations when he wins a point? This supposed humility is just a narrative being sold. Maybe Emerson's age is beginning to show, I don't know. I would have though he would be a little wiser to recognise a product when he sees one.
    Give me a break. Each player has a unique personality. Why do people insist in making all the same?
    In my opinion Rafa lost a great deal when he changed his unique style to become a Roger clone, with Roger-type clothes and Roger type hair-style.
    I hope Novak doesn't listen to this bs. He saved tennis. It's like a breath of fresh air.
    Move along people, the future is now.

  2. Yolita: I agree with you 100%. Roger and Rafa are not really more humble than Nole and it only looks like they are because they are ACTING like that to protect their precious reputation (although in Roger's case, the mask is starting to come off). Roger is said to be "polite" and a "gentlemen" because he doesn't celebrate too much on court and he usually says and does the right things off court. I personally think he faked it all these years and hid his true self but this year we're finally seeing glancing of it – he's just a sore loser who refuses to accept the fact that he's getting older and he can never go back to being the player he used to be, no matter how hard he tries or how much he wants to. Rafa is only recognized as "humble" because of his interviews; he always says stuff like "It would be very difficult to repeat, no?" and acts before some matches and tournaments like he doesn't believe 100% he can win when deep down he does. Oh, and the fact that he always has an excuse for loosing (usually an injury) also makes him look bad in my opinion. Anyway, the examples you and I gave (and I can find more) show that they're no angels themselves and they too do things that can be seen as "arrogant". The thing is that most people give them the benefit of the doubt because they desperately want to buy the image they're selling; unfortunately they refuse to grant Nole the same courtesy, probably because they resent him for putting an end to their beloved Fedal's era…They should just get over it! BTW, some of fans claim that Americans don't like him because he's Serbian and they don’t like people from Eastern Europe (especially ones from war-struck country like Serbia); I really hope it's not true because racism is a disgusting thing and it's a battle he can't win since it's not a fair fight to began with.
    P.S. Like you said, Nole is unique and that's what we most love about him so he must NEVER change and become like them! He's perfect just the way he is!