Friday, 6 May 2011

Novak Djokovic - Post Match Press Conference Transcript

Q: So when are you going to get tired?

A: Never.

Q: Seriously you must feel so full of confidence that you feel you could walk on water tomorrow?

A: Confidence is obviously very high and at this stage it plays an important role in my game and I’m trying to use it to continue this winning streak. I’m taking one match at a time, focusing on my next rival and that’s very important.

Q: Are you a studier of tennis records and do you know that you have equaled Ivan Lendl’s records for a start of a year going back to 1986?

A: I’ve been asked that question a couple of hundred times in the past few weeks and I will say it again – I’m very flattered to be in the lead and to be able to have the same amount of wins as this tennis legend but it’s not something I think about. It’s the least of my priorities. I just want to keep on winning and that’s what it’s all about.

Q: You were perfect of first service points; has that ever happened to you before or do you want to talk about your service game a little bit?

A: I was winning my service games really comfortably and that’s something that I’m happy about today and it´s a very encouraging fact for my upcoming matches especially on clay where you don’t expect that many free points with the serve and it’s important for me to see that I raised the level of performance today for upcoming quarter finals.

Q: How important is your relationship with your coach to this success because I think it’s fair to say sometimes on the court when we’ve been watching you you’ve had your ups and downs?

A: Well it´s normal to have ups and downs in life not just in this professional sport. You’ve got to go through a period of learning and that’s and that’s what I did, trying to pick up and gain this necessary experience which will help me to perform as best as I can on court and Marion was and still is chief of this boat that we are in. He’s been helping me on and off the court. He´s been a real friend. For me it’s really important to have somebody that I can rely on in the difficult moments and that’s what I have in him. Last year when I was going through a tough couple of months of the year, 2010, he was there to help me, to listen to me and we worked things out together.

Q: You’ve spoken a lot about recapturing your serve, which has been a big part of this run, but also you’re so much stronger, so much more confident at the net now. Years ago you got Mark Woodford in to help and Todd Martin did a little bit but can you just talk about how your confidence in your net game has improved?

A: When you’re playing well and winning so many matches then you open your options on the court, just different styles, different varieties of the shots, areas of the court that you maybe don’t always feel comfortable playing in but when you’re confident and you’re going to the net, you’re hitting the shots, you’re some shots that you normally wouldn’t go for so maybe that’s the case. I’ve been working hard on my net game in the last two or three years. You mentioned some names that were part of our team but Marian has always been the head coach there and I’ve been working with him most of the time and trying to develop my game as best I can. I know that I am playing great now but there is  always something that you can improve on – you can never play perfect. I’m always trying to improve, always trying to work and I know that work will pay off.


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