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Novak Djokovic - Interview from Madrid

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He's the man of the moment; his 2011 run is so spectacular that not even him can believe it's real. He debuts today in Madrid after winning 5 straight titles, but he admits that clay is Nadal's turf. Accessible, funny and honest, he answers our questions before his match against Kevin Anderson.

Q. We have to talk about your 2011 season. When are you going to lose?
Ha ha! How am I going to think about losing? I only have in mind winning every tournament that I play in. It's being a very good streak, the best five months of my career without a doubt. Obviously, I didn't imagine I would win as much as I've done.

Q. Do you have an explanation for it?
I'm very focused, very serious about everything. That's the key to my success.

Q. And why are you more focused now than before?
It's a combination of many things. I've always played at a high level before but I usually had too many ups and downs, it was like a rollercoaster. Now I feel more comfortable, confident, stable, everything fits together. I can control my emotions better now, I know what I have to do. It's easy as that.

Q. Do you feel special after winning 29 straight victories and 5 straight titles?
I don't feel like a hero. I simply feel like a more matured player, more serious.

Q. How important have been the changes to your diet?
I consulted my nutricionist ((Igor Cetojevic) about which diet I should follow. What can and cannot eat. He changed my diet with less carbohydrats. I feel better now, but that's not the only change, the only answer. It's a combination of many things. The hard work is paying off. That's the only secret.

Q. Now it's the clay season, Nadal's turf.
Yes, but I'm in a very good moment and I want to go on like this. I rested well after Miami. I skipped Montecarlo and that allowed me to recover and prepare better for the clay season. After that I played some matches at home in Belgrade. I'm motivated to keep on winning, but I'm taking it easy...

Q. You have won back to back Masters in Miami and IW. Do you see yourself capable of winning Madrid and Rome?
It's a very big challenge to win back to back these type of tournaments. I did it for the first time in Miami and Indian Wells. But Madrid and Rome it's more difficult. There's almost no time to rest between each other. Physically it is very demanding because it is on clay and it requires a bigger effort. You have to work more for it. But the conditions in Madrid with the altitude are different to other clay tournaments.

Q. A lot of people travel with you at every tournament. You have a very big entourage. How many people have your phone number?
Bufff... I have never been asked this before, it's hard to answer. Let me think... i don't know what to tell you. It's easy for me to give my phone number to people, I'm not very reserved with those kind of things.

Q. What do yo do when you're not playing?
I like to spend time with my girlfriend. I try to spend a lot of time with her in Montercarlo, she's a student. I like to do many different things, specially play other sports. I play football, golf, ski...

Q. What is your handicap in golf?
Between 15 and 20, depends. Now it's closer to 20...

Q. Now that you talk about your girlfriend... Are you romantic?
Yes, yes, I am, of course. I admit it, I'm a romantic soul. I've been with my girlfriend for five years and a half now. I love her and she loves me. Love is the most important thing in life, to be in love is beautiful. The rest comes with life, but to love someone and be loved gives you energy, stability. Definitely, love gives me strength.

Q. Hotel or tourism?
I like to explore the cities, walk the streets and discover its secrets. I love nature and going for a walk outdoors. I don't have much time to do many spectacular things during a tournament. We spend all day training, in that sense it's very hard to be a tennis player. So i only have time to rest, watch movies...

Q. What kind of movies?
I like action movies, but I can watch any type.

Q. And books?
Yes, i read a lot. Depends on the moment i read one book or another. I like books that inspire me like personal life stories. I look for books that spirit me, that give answers to life, how to become stable. I also read thrillers, novels, simple stories. I don't have much time for deeper stuff or philosophycal.

Q. Why do you live in Montecarlo?
It's a quiet place, very comfortable, I feel good there.

Q. Do you fear anything at all?
Mmmm.... yes, of course, many things scare me.

Q. Insects, spiders?
Yes, some animals of course, I'm no stranger to that. But specifically I hate heights. I will never jump with a parachute, for example, I prefer to have my feet on the ground.

Q. Who would you like to meet for a coffee?
Michael Jordan, without a doubt.

Q. What would you like to win in your career to die in peace?
I dream with winning Wimbledon and be number 1.

Q. You're close...
I know. I fight for it!

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