Thursday, 21 April 2011

I'm backkkkk

Sorry, sorry sorry.

Right where is Novak?

Oh, there he is in Belgrade :-)

He has just Tweeted a pic from Monte Carlo

and posted a short message - Pic from Monaco preparation. All good here. Next tournament in Belgrade,Serbia.

Now I must confess something from Monte Carlo.  I think it was the Saturday.  I was having a stroll around late in the day and went to find the toilets right at the back of the grounds near the practice courts.  Well there i am climbing the steps when i look up and see Novak and Marian and that other guy who hangs with him!  Novak is doing some leg stretches on wall. Anyway no one else is around and I look up and Novak sees me and my mind goes blank, totally blank!  I then think "shit i don't have anything for him to sign, damn".  I then think go ask for a photo with him, be nice, ask how the training is going.  Can I speak, can i f**k speak.  I just run off into the toilets!  So I think right go ask when you come out, what do i do, stand there for 5 seconds, have a panic attack and walk off.  All the way back to the main court i am thinking "turn around you daft cow, turn around and just say "hi Novak" forget the photo, its not important.  Just let him know you're a fan".  But I can't cause I'm an idiot.  Now if there had been other people around I could easily have gone and joined them and all would of been fine.

I'm such a tit!  I'll never get this chance again :-(  Unless of course you are reading this Novak and want to meet up in Paris next month, LOL!!!!!

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  1. Claire! I bet you regret not having talked to him!

    But at leat you saw him! I bet he's even more handsome in person. :P