Friday, 4 March 2011

Novak on his way Indian Wells

Ok. Guys, I'm off to the airport. It will be a loooong day of flying, but i'm looking forward to go to LA. It's a fun place to be! Today Serbia plays against India - GO SERBIA!!!!!

E pa drustvance, odoh ja polako na aerodrom. Duuug je put do Amerike. Pisem vam uskoro! Ne zaboravite da navijate za najbolji tim na svetu danas - SRBIJAAAA...

Oh yes, i almost forgot to answer your questions about the dogs - their names are Pierre and Leo, but only Pierre is our dog, Leo is Jelena's sister's dog :)

Umalo da zaboravim, kad vec pitate - cupavci se zovu Pjer i Leo, ali samo je Pjer nas. Leo je pas Jelenine sestre :) Odoh sad! Srecan mi put! :)

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