Monday, 14 March 2011

Djokovic clan to head in different directions?


Novak Djokovic says that his two younger brothers could be headed in different directions. His 19-year-old brother Marko has been struggling with injuries and is ranked No. 638.

"He's been more out of tournaments than playing tournaments, so it's really hard for him now to see in which direction he wants to go," Novak said. "He's still 19 years old, and he has maybe still a chance to go to college. But it's his decision to work this out. He'll try another six months or ten months and then see."

Djokovic's 15-year-old brother Djordje is now at the Nick Bollettieri Academy in Florida. "He's very talented, and actually [Radek] Stepanek was just telling me a couple days ago that he practiced him with him and he's a copy/paste of my forehand," said Novak. "I'm really happy to see my brothers, especially the younger one, doing well now in tennis. Because it's not easy for them. They're still not matured enough to be able to face these really difficult mental struggles all the time and practicing in front of 20, 30 people, because they're carrying the burden of Djokovic family. For them it's not really the best situation you can ask for, but it makes them stronger. They are really fighting. They understand that they have to fight their own way through and hopefully they will." -

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