Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Djokovic - I Feel Much Stronger

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Meeting in the spring sun, during a lunch with friends at the "cool" and the terrace of Spiaggia, the beach restaurant Larvotto, Monaco, where Novak Djokovic is.

For the recent winner of the Australian Open, it's time for vacation.  A well deserved rest for those who just live the richest period of his career: a final at Flushing Meadow, a victory with Serbia in Davis Cup against France, then a title in Melbourne who place more than ever the heels of Nadal and Federer, three years after his first Grand Slam victory in just 20 years. Between the two, 36 months of learning on a road strewn with obstacles. Novak Djokovic talks about this very difficult time. And explains why the best is yet to come ...

Three years have passed between your two Grand Slam titles. Do you doubt during this period?

I played several quarters and halves, I even played a final at the U.S. Open. I always knew I had the qualities to win a Grand Slam. It did not happen because I have had ups and downs during these three years. My private life has been unstable, I went through difficult times. But during that time, I learned, is facing the pressure of expectations. It has resulted in sometimes results in sawtooth. Side orders were reflected in my game today, I feel much stronger physically and in the head. I became a wiser and experienced player.

Is this maturity?

That must be it. I have overcome crises. I won a first Grand Slam at age 20, and other major tournaments before sometimes the first few laps. I turned a corner having learned a lot on and off the field. I feel strong and I feel that a good time ahead.

And when Marian Vajda, your coach says you have "realized that (your) time has come?
At the same time, I have often been close and I am still in the top of the ATP rankings. It's just that I did not share this confidence that allowed me to go even further in the important moments, beating the very best. Today, I have. Everything goes well since the Davis Cup final. These are just the three biggest months of my career.

In this transformation, there has been a key game as epic semi-final against Federer at the U.S. Open 2010?

In fact, I feel more comfortable on the court since Wimbledon. I hit harder, I am more aggressive in playing the game that has always been mine. Wimbledon was the beginning of the climb. I say this, but at the same time, in the first round of the U.S. Open, I am led 2 sets to 1, a break, against Troicki and I'm doing a miracle. Ultimately, it may be that game, turning ...

From the outside, it seems that your service is no longer a weakness and that your coverage of land has become phenomenal ...

I worked hard physically, and I now feel very strong in this area. As for my service, it generated a lot of questions lately. Why I changed my motion, why is it so bad. In fact, I would not change movement. It's a shoulder injury that led me to change the gesture. I struggled to return to the original, then I changed my racquet. All these things have affected his quality, but it's all settled now.

The next tournament in Monte Carlo was introduced Thursday. What are your ambitions for this tournament and the season on earth?

I really want to do well. At least better than last year where I have not been good. I also made up of prevention for allergies that often annoy me at this time. There, I have fifteen days to rest and prepare myself for the 5 or 6 very difficult months that will arise.

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