Friday, 7 January 2011

Interview transcript

Here is a transcript of the interview with Novak & Ana after their Doubles match against Belgium.

We’ve got the number one seeds coming here and they’ve lived up to all their expectations. Ana – a tough match with Justine today, did you have a good week?

(Ivanovic) Yeah definitely it was a tough one today. You know I did have my chances even though I didn’t play as good as my previous matches, but I’m really happy Ruben had a win and we are through to the Finals.

Well you seem to be pretty happy with your Partner here. You’ve eyed off those diamond encrusted tennis balls – what do you think of those?

(Ivanovic) Oh we love them so we are going to try our best on Saturday, but it’s great to be back here and be in the Final. We’re going to work hard and we hope we can take them with us.

Well Novak was a gentleman, I spoke to him and he thought that those trophies were prizes for girls, so you might get to have both of them?

(Ivanovic) Oh he doesn’t agree now.

Well what do you think about that now?

(Djokovic) With a little discount

Well congratulations on your efforts here today. It’s an incredible effort today - your movement I think has improved. Are you looking forward to the Australian Open?

(Ivanovic) I really do look forward to the Australian Open. The way I’ve been playing, I’ve been really building up my confidence. It’s been a great week, there’s one more to go, and hopefully we can make it. Unfortunately we lost this mixed doubles but we were playing quite well until one moment where we both felt that there was some distractions on the court. We kind of lost our focus. Maybe she will give a better explanation. But yeah they were a better team and hopefully in two days it’s going to be better.

Do you want to explain that Ana?

(Ivanovic) Well Novak just said it’s better if you lose this one and then win in a Final.

(Djokovic) We’d rather not say what was the distraction.

Ok well good luck and we are going to see you on Saturday for the Final. Thanks very much.

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